For extraction of the temporary certificates of graduation:

Student makes a request to the College to vacate one of the sections in question that deal with the student during the study. Student makes a request to withdraw the securities on behalf of Mr. Professor / Dean of the College together with the number 3 photographs + picture ID card + stamp duty + stamps of educational services with the required fee payment of the certificate of origin . Closer to graduation certificates (Temporary - Cartoon - estimated) The student makes Certificates to be documented by the Graduate Department of Public Administration of the Education and Student Affairs for review and approval of documentation of Foreign Affairs. Pending the completion of the extraction of the certificate of origin (cardboard), after editing and revision of the General Directorate for Education and Student Affairs and adopted by Mr. Prof. Dr. / Mr. Dean and Professor / Chairman of the University. The owner of the certificate or any person he wants can receive the certificate of origin assigned from the college after the completion of the editing and approval

To amend the graduate data:

The student gives his temporary Certificate student and the certificate of origin and the effect of the amendment of the graduate colleges to take the necessary action to be submitted to the college council and sent to the Department to take action to edit. The extraction of the temporary certificate is from the college named after the amendment and before the amendment. The name of the adjustment is written on the side of the certificate of origin .

Annual allowance for the extraction of the testimony of the cartoon:

Submit a request on behalf of Mr. Prof. Dr. / Vice ľ president or his representative enclosed with the remnants of the damaged certificate or a police report about losing the certificate. The cost of extracting the certificate should be paid to the University treasury and delivery of receipt of payment for the Department of the graduates (Editorial Section) in order to enable the Department to make the extraction procedures and the adoption of the certificate.