Information Technology Unit

Unit Objectives

Provide technical support to the beneficiaries of the users of services and applications available from existing development projects such as the university digital library and management information systems and electronic portal, e-mail and content management system for e-learning.

Coordination with other development projects within the university example of project management information systems and e-learning project for the automation of administrative work within the college including all sectors.

Follow-up production of electronic courses in college and activating the scope of the use of electronic courses produced from other universities and associated with various disciplines in the Faculty.

Survey work periodically to put the college's current and future network and the efficiency of the network and the rate of use requirements and follow up with all faults in the faculty network and resolution.

Make sure to download and the work of the original software and anti-virus software on the faculty devices.

Follow-up activity of users spread the news at the faculty level - sections - Student Union - research projects and various faculty destinations.

Coordination between the unit and Quality Management to publish and update the curriculum data on the gate.

Activating the communication between faculty and students and staff college faculty members.

Complete the activation e-mail to students and faculty service.

Periodic update of the college on the Internet site and the dissemination of news on the college website.