A Historic Brief

Faculty of Arts is one of Tanta University faculties. It was founded by resolution number 809 in 1975 to be a source of knowledge in the field of humanities. The Faculty received its first group of students in the academic year; 1975/1976. Then the Faculty began to develop and expand remarkably year after year. This expansion manifested itself in establishing new departments and increasing enrolled students in them. Along with this growth, there has been a noticeable development in the scientific fields as the majors increased and varied. Moreover, the new building of the Faculty was inaugurated and became ready for education in the academic year 2004/2005.

The Faculty aspires to achieve the required renovation in humanities and literature studies and to positively interact with society thought, requirements and causes. In addition, the Faculty has ambition for preparing its graduates in a modern way, through offering them knowledge and training which qualify them to work in various applicable and scientific fields. .