Environment and community service

Strategic Objectives
1. Provide an educational and research environment suitable for students, faculty and administrative staff at the college
2. To maintain the security and safety of all faculty members by providing the most modern means of security and safety
3. Finding innovative solutions to environmental problems through ongoing studies and research
4. Cooperation with scientific and community bodies and institutions and supporting applied research for environmental purposes
5. Continuous and effective participation in community and environmental development by extending bridges of cooperation and communication with various community institutions to identify the needs of the labor market and to develop the faculty's own resources.
6. Preparation of programs for development and training to develop and raise the level of administrative efficiency for faculty and administrative staff at the faculty
7. Raise the efficiency of the staff through continuous training and continuous work to find a second and third grade in the college
8. Maximize the role of facilities in the college and ensure the work environment to provide services to the internal and external community
9. Organizing scientific conferences, seminars and public lectures aimed at serving the community and developing the environment
10. Constant attention to the introduction of advanced technology in the educational process

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